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According to the European Data Market study, there were approximately 249,000 data companies (1) in 2015, representing 13.8% of the 1.8 million ICT and professional services enterprises.
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It is no surprise that countries and companies, such as Microsoft with its Online Data Science Degree Program, are starting to invest in Data Science education.
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According to the results of the European Data Market study, investing in Big Data might be the right thing to do. The study predicted that the EU28 data market (1) would reach €54,474 million in 2015, a 7% growth from 2014.
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Due to an increasing amount of data, the question of its ownership is becoming a very important issue. In the context of the EU data market study, IDC and Open Evidence organised a webinar on 20 July called “Who will be the masters of the data universe?

Incoming events

02nd September 2016 to 04th September 2016
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Noroff, Mølleparken 4, 0459
05th September 2016 to 09th September 2016

The conference for all statisticians and users of data

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University of Manchester, The University of Manchester, University Place, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL
22nd September 2016 to 24th September 2016

The smart artificial intelligence revolution. Explore software that can recognize patterns in digital representations of sounds, images, & data.

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London, England
28th September 2016 to 01st October 2016

Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016 returns bigger and brighter! We can’t wait to start a new 3-days round of learning and sharing!

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Belgrade, Serbia
05th October 2016 to 08th October 2016

Where academic ideas meet industry practice on software measurement

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Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR) - Campus Lichtenberg, Alt-Friedrichsfelde 60, 10315
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