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It includes analytical tools devoted to specific verticals such as marketing, legal , government, science, health, finance

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pCloudy is a browser based application testing platform for performing manual as well as automation testing on mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) hosted on a cloud. The devices used are real (not simulated) and are located at the pCloudy data centre in Bangalore.

#2729, Sector 1, HSR Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560102

Visualization of complex information using automation of the mind mapping technique. Applications in insurance, healthcare, banking, pharmaceutical, information security, Open Data, Big Data.

Capitan Arenas 30 bajos, 08034, Barcelona, Spain

Entornos de Formación delivers knowledge, training and personal development for businesses and educational institutions by making use of information technologies. Our team is made up of professionals who are well qualified to prepare our clients in each and every step involved in the process of training. We provide consulting, instructional design, as well as the services and expertise of TI designers and analysts. All of the foregoing allows us to offer a complete e-learning service.

Bailén, 4 -6º - 46007, Valencia, Spain

Neuropublic ( is an innovative ICT SME specialized in the development of integrated information systems and high-demand applications built in Cloud computing architecture. Neuropublic (NP) has built and operates its own data center offering cloud services at platform level (PaaS) and software level (SaaS). NP products and services are being successfully used for over 10 years, by more than 800.000 end-users in agriculture, local government and healthcare.

6 Methonis Str, 18545, Piraeus, Greece

Chemotargets is a small biotech company devoted to developing state-of-the-art software for systems toxicology of small molecule therapeuticals, cosmeceuticals, and environmental pollutants by constructing predictive models from big data in pharmacology, drug safety, and omics technologies. Its software CT-link is currently being used by several top pharmaceutical companies, as well as large academic institutions.

Parc Científic de Barcelona, Baldiri Reixac 4, 08028 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

In-Style Software, Inc. is an apparel software provider for apparel, footwear and accessories companies. In-Style ERP provides the core functionality, In-Style CRM provides customer relationship management functionality and Red Box Commerce provides e-commerce functionality.

In-Style ERP includes PDM, inventory, logistics, style management (including size/color matrix), EDI, order entry, raw material purchasing and inventory management, finished goods purchasing and manufacturing, subcontracting, customizations and other modules.

Santa Rosa, California
Consulting company, IT development and maintenance, with a specific area of BI
Avda. Cataluña, 9 Entresuelo A

We offer support to improve healthcare management in hospitals, across a benchmarking in front of similar centers, based with a deep analityc of their data, that they can get in our cloud BI platform called "Health Benchmarking 3.0".

Arqua­medes 55, 4A. Barcelona 08030. Spain
NECADA is a hybrid infrastructure that supports the execution of a simulation model on a cloud, farm or desktop environments. Necada take care of the environmental directives and international rules in the designing process (CEN TC 350), optimizing the behavior of the building or cities form the point of view of the sustainability. To reach the best solution we must introduce in the model environmental, social and economic variables.
Jordi Girona 31, Campus Nord, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Quiero Salud, un Comparador Seguros Salud que te ayudará a elegir el mejor seguro para ti. Tu seguro de salud, cobertura dental y servicios de bienestar.

Calle Badajoz 35, 28931 Móstoles, Madrid, España