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In this section we share some stories, examples, case studies on the impact of Big Data in different sectors as Manufacturing, Retail, OpenGov etc..
How much are European companies using data?

The European Data Market Study Final Report was released a month ago and apart from evaluating the market itself, it also analysed numbers around how many people work with data and in which industries. Let’s take a look.

Nurturing Data Skills
Nurturing Data Skills
Enterprises and organizations alike are increasingly leveraging digital technologies to produce new business models, products and services that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds, while improving operational efficiencies and organizational performance – welcome to the era of the Digital Transformation!
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What are the social benefits of the data economy? How do citizens use data in their daily life?

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Data-driven technologies, and their applications, are producing and processing data at a pace unimaginable a few years ago! Companies have started to leverage data-technologies to innovate by inventing new products and services.

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The present report explores the nascent concept of data marketplace and defines it as a “a third party, cloud-based software platform providing Internet access to a disparate set of external data sources for use in IT systems by business, government or non-profit organizations.
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As banking becomes increasingly commoditized, European financial institutions find it difficult to compete on revenue growth only and turn to technology in search of other competitive advantages.